Remove suite of products: No reboot cmd parameter

The Remove suite of products has a silent option:

QuietUninstallString = "C:\ProgramData\Package Cache\SDL\SDLTradosStudio2017_SR1\Chainer.exe" -task remove -suite "C:\ProgramData\Package Cache\SDL\SDLTradosStudio2017_SR1\TranslationStudio.Professional.Suite" -uilevel none -noconsole -loglevel all

Is there a cmd parameter to prevent the forced reboot in silent uninstall mode?

In the non-silent mode you can choose if you like to restart or not:

But I can't find something like -norestart as a Chainer.exe parameter (Chainer.exe -?).

  • Hello ,

    When installing Studio normally, it is essential that the machine is restarted to ensure the components are properly installed. If this option is ignored (not to restart) then problems will arise until the reboot of the machine.

    If you are trying to perform a silent install (corporate domain) and the end user doesn't have admin rights, then the machine must still be restarted for the changes to take effect ato ensure the install is processed correctly.

    However, as always, there are exceptions to this and which need to be addressed on a case by case scenario.