What is the difference between two TMX records of the same segment coming from different sources?

Hello everybody,

Due to a format change on the customer's side we have to deal with a loss of matching quality. This is clear but there is one thing I'm really wondering about. Please look at the following segments (TMX format):

<seg><ph x="1" type="255" /> allows you to solicit feedback from other employees...</seg>

<seg><ph x="1" type="325" /> allows you to solicit feedback from other employees...</seg>

The first one was stored with Framemaker MIF sources in Studio, the second one was stored with DITA sources in Studio. What is the difference between these copies of the same source segment from two different version of the original source files (MIF and DITA)?

When trying to leverage exting translation from the MIF version to the new DITA version I didn't get a 100% match because of the tag. Studio was able to identify the right translation in the TM but only inserted the text without the leading tag. For getting an idea about the differences I created a new and empty TM, sorted this segment from he old MIF source and the same segment from the DITA source. The type number is the only difference but one is perfect match the other is lower than 100%.

As far as I see the content of the tag is not stored in the TM. My question: What kind if information allows Studio to know what's coming from DITA and what's coming from MIF? Or the other way: How can I make a 100% match from the MIF segment?

Thanks a lot in advance.


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