Parameter not valid

I keep getting this error [ Parameter not valid] with Studio 2019 sr2, which I just installed last week. I thought it was caused by one specific project, but since I get it with all projects, that it obviously a Studio issue. I've tried to figure out some kind of pattern, but I did not see any, like a particular letter, a particular spot in the document or page, etc.

Looks like other people have had this issue for years, which makes me wonder why they have not fixed this yet.

I have tried the numerous solutions offered on the forum, but none worked for me. I am also of the opinion that I should not be required to "fix" their software with a different app, with a reset (where I loose everything), or renaming my files/folders, and all these other things that I tried to no avail. 

Thankfully, this upgrade allows me to go back and use 2017, which I have done. That's one good thing, since previous updates did not allow you to work on your previous version. I will continue to use 2017 until they get 2019 fixed.

It's also very frustrating that you cannot talk to anyone and get any kind of help right away, unless you purchase a support agreement. I understand that part if I want to learn more about the product etc., but I should not have to "buy" support in order to get the product to work properly or fix a bug.