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Hallo Community,

ich habe eine PPTX zu übersetzen, die nur so strotzt vor Dokument-Objekte, die von Studion 2019 nicht erfasst werden. Ich habe gesehen, dass es eine App dafür gibt (Extract and Reinject Embedded Objects) aber das Download führt nur zu einer Errorseite.

Gibt es eine andere Lösung? Oder kann mir jemand sagen, warum ich diese App nicht herunterladen kann? Gibt es sie nicht mehr wirklich?

Bin dankbar für jede Hilfe!

Isabelle Hofmann

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  • The app is only for DOCX.  The problem you're having is most likely due to Microsoft changing the way they embed files in Powerpoint.  It used to be possible to get at the files and you could see this by unzipping the powerpoint and getting at the files inside.  But in recent veersions they changed their approach and placed the files inside a bin folder as embedded binary bjects and we can't get at them any more.

    This may be the problem you are having.

    Try unzipping the PPTX (add .zip to the end and unzip it) and see if you can get at the embedded files inside.  If yo can, then you at least have a workaround, but if you can't then this would be the problem.

  • wow, thank you Paul, it works with zipping.

    And how do I proceed to get the translation back into the ppt after have translating the new word files?

  • Translate the embedded documents as usual, then put the translated documents back in the same location (replace the old ones), then ZIP the files, rename the extension (ZIP) to PPTX and you should get a new translated PPTX.

    Open the PPTX to confirm that it works; if it doesn't, it's because you created the ZIP from the wrong root directory. ZIP it and try again.

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