[MS Word Spell Checker] data ?

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I'd like to know the file which SDL refers for its "MS Word Spell Checker"

It is quite clear (from my side) that MS Word refers to this one;

But, it is quite different from SDL's spell checking status.


Is there any option(s) that SDL assumpts implicitly for this functionality ?

- SDL Trados Studio 2017
- MS Office 2013, 32Bit
- Win 8.1, 64Bit


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    The MS Word spell checking in Studio is provided by the MS Word OLE support. The path of the custom dictionary used by Studio is provided by MS Word. If you add words then they will be added to the dictionary returned by MS Word and are persisted after Studio exists.

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    Thanks for the nice explanations.


    That is not True.

    The SDL Trados Studio does not show the same result with MS Word.

    I do not want to waste my time here any more.

    Thanks again.

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    I rejected your answer because it's incorrect from my perspective.  I don't know how you checked it, but a simple test seems to confirm for me that it's working as intended:

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    I appreciated your efforts

    You have made clear one part but still some more to go

    The former is the file, yes I have found that SDL Trados Studio is using the file that I have posted at the main content of this post (2nd screenshot). That is quite clear, now. Thanks your time and energy.

    The latter is.. but, still there are discrepancies between MS Word screen and SDL screen.
    Like this;

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    basically, Result is Good
    But, some more to go

    I have deleted two ".DiC" files from the following folder before start MS Word and SDL Trados Studio in order to start from the scratch and added to dictionary nothing afterward.

    - C:\Users\user\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Proof
    - C:\Users\user\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\UProof

    I think there is no other options (hidden or default or language specific whatever) to consider.
    And should there is other options SDL have to reflect it properly. Right ?

    I think this is good enough.

    I did not post sdlxliff on purpose, but if you want (really want) it, let me know your EMail.

    Thanks for all the things.