Parser Rules XML Filetype doesn´t work


at first, I want to apologize for my bad English. Here is my question:

I have created a new file type at Trados: XML: Localization

For this file type, I have defined parser rules that define what to translate and what not to translate.

Parser rules are:

//content[@language="en"] translate

//content[@language="it"] translate

//content[@language="fr"] translate

Context is paragraph and rule type is XPath.


In Verarbeitung eingebetteter Inhalte I have defined an XML parser. The new rule in inline tags is:


Tag Type: Platzhalter

To translate: Falsch


This has worked perfectly so far.

See the screenshots.


So now my problem, I updated Trados to

And now it doesn't work anymore. Please have a look at the screenshots, the elements are translated now, which is wrong.

I guess Trados now uses the file type Any XML instead of XML: Localization. But in Any XML I can't define parser rules.

But, when I create a new project, I see that XML: Localization is selected.


What I've tried is to create a whole new file type with these settings or disable all other XML types.


Do any of you know any advice?


Best regards


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