[Bug] File half-translated after finalization


First bug report here, so any advice about how to report it will be welcome!

We had this problem: after a translation of a Word file we finalized the document... but the final file was half in the source language, half in the target language! 

Here's the technical information about it:

- We created the project using Trados 2019 (updated) and a Trados 2011 memory not updated (when we tried to update it, 2019 said "cannot find file"); 

- The Word file was a normal .docx, we use Word 2007;

- After the initial shock, we created a new project with Trados 2011, it didn't give any error;

- We tried to save the file as .odt and finalize it on Trados 2019, it didn't give any problem.

I suppose that the problem can be due to Word 2007, however we never had a problem with it.

May I receive a feedback?

Thank you!

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