TM fields not updating properly

Hello everybody,

I have a problem with a TM shared in 4 different translation projects within Trados Studio 2017. 

In Studio, I have 4 projects and each of them have 2 TMs: a project-specific TM and a global TM (shared locally – not on a cloud or LAN service – by all those 4 projects).

The global TM has 4 fields and I would like them to be updated based on the information I set for each project.

I have indicated such information in "Translation Memory and Automated Translation" menu -> "Update" but, when I confirm the translated segments, the translation units of the TM report just 2 filled-in fields (not all 4).

Let's say that, e.g., my global TM has "field 1", "field 2", "field 3" and "field 4". I have defined the information that has to go into each of those fields but, when I press CTRL+ENTER or run a batch task to update the TM, the translation units report just "field 1" and "field 2" duly filled-in.

I have opened that global TM into the Translation memory pane and the 4 fields are there so it seems there is a problem with the TM update process rather than with the TM itself.

Have you got perhaps any idea on how to make Studio fill-in all the 4 fields of that global TM?