How can I unmerge segments?

I merged two segments, but then realized that they should have been left separate. I tried Ctrl Z several times, but it wouldn't undo the merge.
In the end, I split the merged segments, but because the segments were cells in a table, the split segments ended up in the same cell, with a blank cell where the mistakenly merged segment had been.
I'm using SDL Trados Studio 2019 SR2.

  • AFAIK you can't "unmerge" segments and the action is not undoable either. Splitting is possible, but I would avoid it (as I would avoid merging in general) as it can lead to corrupted SDLXLIFF files. It's worth getting the segmentation rules in the TM set up properly.

    I wonder how Studio can manage merging two table cells - try generating the target file, it might throw an error. "Merge segments across paragraphs" is an option, but it is safer to leave it unticked. If I may say so, the logic of merging the content of two cells in translation is problematic to start with.