Problem with a context match


is there a way to prevent Studio from giving an incorrect context match? I have a document with a long list of numbers (1.2, 1.3, 1.4 etc.) and Studio keeps changing the decimal point to a decimal comma (1,2...) in the target (and mark it as a CM). I have searched in Project settings but can't find where I could change the settings.

Regards, Susanne

  • If you want to retain the aility to have Studio autopropagate the numbers correctly (albeit with the wrong separator) then I'm afraid not.  It might be helpful to see how these numbers are in the Editor as there could be better ways for you handle these and save yourself a lot of time.  For example, if they are only numbers in the segments and no other text, like this:


    Or even:

    1.2, 1.3, 1.4

    Then you'd be better of doing this:

    1. Filter on the number only segments (the ones you need to handle in this way) using one of the Display Filters
    2. Copy source to target
    3. Change the status of the segments to "Translated"
    4. Lock the segments
    5. Filter on unlocked

    Now you don't have to deal with the numbers at all and they all correctly handled.

    If they are numbering of headings like this for example:

    1.2  This is the title of my topic
    1.3  This is another made up title

    Then you can still handle them as above but you need to create a segmentation rule on your TM first to put the numbers onto a separate segment.

    If you share a bit more information we can help you a little better.

  • Thank you, Paul

    There are only numbers in the segments and no other text, as in your first example. I'll try to use a filter.