PDF files converted to the translatable format for translation by Studio are converted back to PDF format when generating target files using the Batch Task "Export files" - however, they cannot be opened

When running the Batch Task "Export files" on a project containing PDF files, which have been converted to the translatable format by Studio itself, and you chose to export "Target version" files, you end up with target files in PDF format.

This could - at a first glace - seem as the perfect scenario (in case you don't need to handle possible layout issues in the target file).

However, these target PDF files cannot be opened at all.

The current workaround is to

1) change the file ending from *.pdf to *.docx,
2) open the file, which is now in Word file format and then
3) save the file in PDF format.

Could you please have a look at this, as it is a tedious procedure to do this if you are working with projects with a lot of PDF files.

Thanks in advance!