Trados Studio 2019 crashes all the time

Hello. I received this morning a project that I've imported into Trados without any other. It consists of two .docx files that I tried to open at the same time. The problem is that Trados crashes systematically, even when I try to open each file separately. The only way I've found so far is to double-click on each of the two xliff files. Is there anyone who can help me solve the problem? I have the latest version of Trados: 2019 SR2 - Thank you in advance for your help.

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  • 6 months ago in reply to David Baour +1 verified

    To be honest I have just been narrowing down the likely source of the problems based on the information you have been providing.  Studio is recommended for installation on the C: drive and to…

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  • Hello Steven! Thank you for answering. The client sent me 2 project files (.sdlproj). Before saving them, I created a project with the number of the project. Until now, it was always working quite fine. I'm translating right now after having double-clicked on each xliff file, but even so, it crashes sometimes. Especially when I skip a few segments.

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