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I just begin Trados. I received .sdlppx file and a following message with Microsoft Word file as Source for Reference from client. My client says "Please translate the contents in Studio package (.sdlppx), using the following source English for reference.". Is there anything I can do this message with Trados? Can I import this into Trados as reference?

Edit Validation &Ranges
Configu&re Warnings
Show &all
Check feedback IPB&1%D = "ON" and IPB&2%D = "OFF"\n3.

\nCalculated effector offsets\n

Q-block i position\t\t= %.4f #i'inches'#m'mm'\n

Q-block j position\t\t= %.4f #i'inches'#m'mm'\n

\n\t%.4f #i'inches'#m'mm' gap distance from left face of block

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