Problem Generating IDML file from Trados


I am trying to generate an IDML file from trados - an IDML source file went in and I can see the copy is all correct in trados but when I try to save the target as an IDML, there's chunks of copy missing. any ideas how I can solve it and what it might be?

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  • Hi

    We need to know a bit more in order to help you. Which version of InDesign was used to generate the idml? Which version of Studio are you using?

    If it's possible, could you share an idml or a part of an idml where this problem occurs?

    I am totally in the dark as what could be causing your issue, but one way to work around is to export text frames to icml (InCopy) and import them into Studio. That is a pretty neat process which BTW saves you converting your indd to idml AND you can select which stories to export, if that is required.

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