Automatically reinsert tags from all source to all target segments after running pretranslation and losing some tags, instead of using Quickplace segment by segment

I need to pretranslate documents to share the pretranslated files in their native format (mostly Word, Excel and PPT) with translators who do not  have SDL Studio but still need to take advantage of all the previously translated content. In many cases, when Studio finds matches for segments with tags and inserts them in the target, the tags disappear in the target segments and then have to be added manually one by one with Quickplace. Is there any way to automatically reinsert in one go all the tags from the source to the target in those pretranslated segments where they have been lost (it happens often with hyperlinks but even though I have changed settings to extract and always process hyperlinks, it´s still a problem). Any suggestions on how to save post-editing time after the pretranslation in this scenario? Thank you.