How to translate markdown code blocks ?

When importing markdown files in studio 2019 using the new .md file format, all code blocks between backticks (`) become untranslatable tags, as I suppose they should.

However, in the files I am translating now, some of these blocks need to be translated.

The only workaround I can imagine is to use Notepad++, search and replace all backticks by a placeholder (e.g. ""), import the modified markdown files, translate everything, "untagged" code blocks included, generate target files and use Notepad++ again to search and replace the placeholders by backticks.

Does anybody know of a more straightforward way to translate markdown files with "translatable" codeblocks ?

Top Replies

  • I think the only way you'll be able to handle this would be to create your own *.md filetype.  It might be ok for this one project.  You'll find some help here on how to do this:

  • And just in case it's interesting, you could also ignore the segments with the inline tags, finish the job and then at the end process the new target files to extract only the segments…