Problem with Studio 2019: Delay when changing segments

Dear fellow translators,

I reinstalled my computer and now have a problem with my Studio 2019 (version – it takes about 15 seconds to change segment (move from one segment to another) which is real productivity killer. I am currently working on a not-too-large MIF file received via package. SDLXLIFF file size is about 6 MB. Saving confirmed segments to TM is instantaneous, same as concordance search. Saving the document is quick as well. The document and all TMs are located on an SSD drive, computer is fast enough (16 GB RAM, fast processor).

When I hit Ctrl+Enter to save segment to memory without moving to next segment, there is no delay. After I move to another one (does not matter whether is't translated and stored to TM or not), processor load spikes and Studio becomes unresponsive.

I tried different things:

– reorganizing all TMs;
– disabling all TMs;
– turning off antivirus protection (ESET);
– installing older version of Studio 2019;
– changing spelling checket from Hunspell to Word and vice versa;
– disabling upLift;
– disabling Enable verification of segment option.

None of the above helped. I did not install any other software compared to previous Windows installation.

Any ideas? Thanks in advance!


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