How can I completely and permanently close the Translation Results window?

The Translation Results window (TRW) takes up a lot of room and I don't ever use it. Whatever machine translation engine I may be using fills in the segment automatically, I don't need to look at the TRW. Any TM results are also automatically inserted, so I don't find any use for this TRW (somebody two years ago answered a question similar to mine by saying that it was unusual or illogical and that if you didn't use the TRW, why on earth would you need a CAT tool at all? And then proceeded to say all you had to do was click on the little arrow to the right and it would all go away, which just isn't so).

In the Help section, it says: "The Translation Results window is always present in the Editor view (unless you close it completely)," but I can find no way to close it completely. I hide it automatically and close it (clicking on the little arrow to the right), but every time I go to a new segment, it opens up again. I want to be rid of it so it doesn't take up my window space.