Studio 2019 - In "translation memories view" the TM won't stay open


I switched to Studio 2019, and my main TM (which is a big one) is not there in the "translation memories view" - instead, it starts loading AFTER I click on "translation memories view" in the left pane. Alternatively, it is starting to load when I launch Trados Studio 2019, and the program opening takes 5-10 minutes, because the big TM is loading.

I've checked TranslationMemoryRepository.xml, and the file path and name is correct in there.

In Studio 2017, this same big TM used to be always there - opened, ready to roll. No waiting, no loading.

What do I do?


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  • Try deleting the TranslationMemoryRepository.xml, restart Studio, add your TMs back there again and see if it works as expected.

  • Hello ,

    Where is your TM saved? Locally or in the Cloud?

    You should be able to open the TM ->

    Have you added the TM to your project?

    Are you using an older template from Studio 2017- if so, then…

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