SDL Trados Studio SR2 extremely slow with a massive TM of 1,2 M entries


I am a Trados user since its very begining. I have been experiencing terrible slugishness on my SDL Trados Studio 2017, then, even though I read opinions in the Community that it would be worse, I installed SDL Trado Studio 2019 and its upgrade SR2 to get an extremely slow performance on a massive TM search, updating and verification.

Right now upon clicking to open the TM, the Studio es frozen as shown in this screenshot below:

I did not click to search any word, just tried to open the TM... 15 minutes has elapsed already and nothing happens. I advance that I cancelled the Antivirus directly, has no plugins and also cancel the "frame repair or something like that" that I read as a soution on this SDL community, and nothing change at all!

Due to this kind of productivity issues, I returned to SDL Trados 2007, the TM opened in an instant, and upon searching or updating it, it worked so swiftly and quickly that I think that the only way out of this terrible issue is to ask my whole team to return to SDL Trados 2007.

Look forward to your reply.


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