Can't sellect TMs after updating Trados Studio 2019

Good morning,

A few days ago I updated Trados Studio 2019. Now I can't select any TM.

I might have a bit of a mess with my language pairs. Perhaps I selected a different target language variety while installing. I can also see this message: "you have set up different translation memories or automated translation providers for certain language pairs"

Is there a way of knowing the target language variety I always have used for creating my TMs and my projects? I'm not sure.

Thank you in advance for your help.

Diana Gibson

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  • 12 days ago in reply to DGS +1 verified

    Hello ,

    I think we need a little more information as I'm unable to replicate this (maybe down to our different versions)

    You mentioned you have updated Studio 2019- have you only updated Studio…