Terminology verification giving thousands of false positives


I am having great troubles with terminology verification. When running the terminology verifier, I get thousands of false positives (3304 in a recent 14.000 word project). I am having this problem since long ago and have already tried the different solutions provided in the different posts with no result. Any suggestion, please, so that I do not have to check terminology manually?

In the image below, I got ten (10) false positives for six (6) terms, even though I use the exact term of the termbase, and that despite the fact that the terms appeared only once on the source and target segments, several got two false positive messages.

Thanking you in advance.

Pablo Mones

PD: Due to a NDA, I have deleted those words not involved in term recognition and left only the problematic ones.

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  • Hello ,

    Its worth first looking at your Verification settings.

    Getting so many false results, may indicate that you have set the match value to 100% (the default is 70%)

    You need to do this on the active project.

    It also appears from the screen grab, that you may have multiple entries for the same term.

    Merging ant identical entries will also resolve/reduce the occurrence of errors when running the Verification.

    Please let us know if this helps.

  • Thank you, Steven.

    I have already tried it before, with no result. I have this problem with the following settings:

    * Check for possible non-usage of the target terms: ON
    * Check for terms without the target term equivalent: ON/OFF (it doesn't change the result)
    * Minimum match value: 70 (with 95 and 99: 9 warnings; with 40: 10 warnings)
    * Search depth: 200
    * Term repetition threshold: 4

    As for the repeated terms, this is an external termbase that I cannot edit, but I always have this problem with any termbase. I am using this as an example because due to its high number of terms is the one that causes the greatest number of false positives, but I experience this problem even with small termbases.

    Best regards.