Force Trados to assume two columns layout for a PDF file


I have Trados Studio 2019 and want to translate a PDF file. This PDF file layout is entirelly two columns, each column begin at top of page and continues all long to the bottom, my problem is that by converting this file to translatable format, the boundary between the columns will not correctly identified and goes from the middle of the first column to the second column.

 I know that this file has no middle lenght column, is there a setting to tell this to Trados? 

A lot of PDF files has such layout.

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  • You should consider converting the PDF to Word with an external tool if Trados isn't giving you the result you want... or even better go back to your client if possible and ask for…

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  • Hi 

    As and indicated, the free software doesn't usually cope with PDFs where text is rendered as an image. You will probably find that it is only capable of transferring that image to a Word document.

    I use Adobe Acrobat, for £79 a year it can convert almost any PDF to amendable text and images. You can then export that to Word very successfully, complete with images, interactive content or whatever.

    I find Adobe Acrobat very useful, it's easy to amend text in PDFs and it has a host of other useful features.

    I suggest you download the trial version of Adobe Acrobat to see if it's for you:

    Adobe Acrobat Free Trial

    The page has full instructions on how to install Acrobat.

    At the very least, you can use it to convert the current PDF you're having trouble with.

    Give it a try!

    All the best,

    Ali Slight smile

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