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Import *.autoxt file (docx convert to .autotxt)

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How can I import a list of words in word into autotext? 


I looked up angry, my teeth accidentally scraping along the shaft of his cock as I pulled back, causing him to yelp out in pain.
"Bitch!" he grabbed the wig off of my head throwing it to the ground, followed by the mask, I was now completely exposed, well except for my feet and underwear, "do that again and I'll carry you back into the house over my shoulder and let everyone see you just like you are."

Hands gripped my underwear and pulled them down my legs, I felt the tip of a penis at my pussy and without warning shove itself deep inside of me before I could turn around to see who it was. The force pushing me forward and causing Brian's dick to hit the back of my unprepared throat.

"Oh baby, you can't blame her, this is only like the third blowjob she's probably ever given in her life," Erica said from behind me, "her first strap-on as well probably."

I couldn't believe it; Erica was fucking me from behind with a strap-on while her boyfriend was fucking my mouth. Both shoved their respective "cocks" as far in as they could go and held them there. I was worried that I was either going to pass out by the pain of being penetrated so deep or not able to get enough air with Brian's cock down my throat.

"Oh sweetie, I thought you wanted to fuck her, I mean it's only fair if I get to fuck Zach."

"Yeah, but I didn't want sloppy seconds with that loser's jizz in her."

"It's ok I think whatever was in there probably leaked out by now and whatever didn't, I probably just pushed deep into her."

"Switch!" They both called out as they simultaneously pulled out of me changing sides, Erica now in front of me, and Brian behind me and with a single thrust was now balls deep inside of me.

"Mmmm, oh my god," I couldn't deny that my body was enjoying it, with all the teasing, exposure, and sex, my body was more sensitive now than it had ever been in my life, as far as I knew.

A finger found its way under my chin and lifted my head, I was met with the big black cock strapped to Erica's body with her silk skirt surrounding it. My head was lifted a little higher as she bent over to look me in the eye. I watched as she smiled and touched her chest looking back as she watched Brian fucking me.

"Don't enjoy it too much, this is the only time you'll ever get to experience it, now be a good girl," I watched as Erica undid the straps of the strap-on and let it fall to the ground, standing and parting her skirt at the slit showing her bald pussy in front of me, "and eat my pussy."

"I'm not, mmm, gay though."

"Oh, me neither my pet, but I want to enjoy things as well," she grabbed my head and shoved it between her legs rubbing my nose into her pussy.

At this rate she was going to suffocate me with her vagina, I pulled my head back slightly and gave her what she wanted. The first taste made me nervous because I had never tasted a pussy before, not even my own. It wasn't bad, almost sweet, at least it wasn't as bad as cum, I don't think I would ever get used to that flavor.

"Mmmm, how is it, baby? How is this slut's pussy?"

"So tight, even after getting fucked and dumped in, I don't know how much longer I can last, how's her lessy mouth?"

"You do a way better job baby, I don't even think like she's trying, I think she needs some motivation."

SPANK! My ass was smacked hard and made me cry out in pain which would have been louder if Erica hadn't been muffling it with her pussy. SPANK! It hurt so much, I had never been spanked before in my life, not even by my parents, I was always a good girl. I couldn't bear another spanking and made every effort I could to focus on Erica's pleasure.
"Mmmmm, much better, that did the trick."

I dove my tongue as deep as it would go into her pussy, trying everything that Anthony had done to me before. When my tongue started to get tired, I tried gently sucking on her clit all the while Brian holding my hips tight as he fucked me, but I couldn't focus on that, not if I didn't want to get hit again.

"Yeah, eat my pussy, I know you love it, I knew you were a carpet muncher all along."