An issue has occurred when translating tables

I used SDL Trados Studio to translate an English PDF to Chinese, but some tables lost their original layout after translation. 

Above figures display the difference. How can I fix it?

  • PDF is not a proper file format to start out with. It ONLY purpose is preserve layout on screens and printers across devices.

    It would be by far the best if you can get the document that this pdf was created from, maybe an InDesign file or a Word file. Having said this, this is not always possible.

    On the rare occasions when I have to translate from a pdf file, I found that converting it to Word with Acrobat Pro, and then fixing the layout of the Word file works best.

    BTW You don't have to do all your translation work again, if you manage to get hold of the source file or create a proper Word file from your PDF, Studio will fill in your translations.