Trados (2017/2019) resetting the MS Word normal.dotm template - possibly related to Embedded Preview?


I have seen a couple of other posts mentioning this (or a seemingly similar) problem in these forums and on ProZ, but haven't found any solutions.

I'm using MS Word 2016 and Studio 2019 (although the issue occurred when I was using Studio 2017 too).

Basically, it seems that Trados is somehow causing the MS Word Normal.dotm template to reset itself, meaning I lose all of my customised Word shortcuts.

Other people have suggested the Spell Checker could be causing interference, but I get the impression it's the Embedded Preview that's the problem, because I think (I'm not 100% sure) I've always used the Hunspell spell checker in Studio.

There are no error messages or apparent problems while I'm working in Studio with the Embedded Preview open. However, some mornings when I start my computer up, before I open Studio (or Word), Word opens up a whole load of documents and pop-ups. Some of these documents are blank, and some contain segments from the project I'd been working on in Studio. I can close all of these manually and open Studio and work normally, but when I next find myself working in MS Word, I realise that all of my MS Word shortcuts have been wiped again.

I realise this probably doesn't pinpoint the issue specifically enough, but has anyone experienced the same thing? Or does anyone have suggestions for how to test this more systematically and work out what's going on?