SDLTPL dependencyfile settings


I'm using SDL Trados Studio 2015 SR3.

I have a project template file sdltpl that is used for different projects.

Inside of project settings for some file types I have Validation with Master schemas added by another person, that reference some xsd files.

When I edit template file sdltpl with xml editor I see file referenced:

<Sdl.FileTypeSupport.Native.Xml.FilterSettings.DependencyFile Filename="C:\temp\some.xsd" RelativePath="" FileType="" File="..." >

but folder and file from Filename doesn't exist in any location.

Does it mean that the dependency file is embedded with content coming from File="..." attribute and Filename location doesn't matter?

This validation will be executed or it will fail if Filename is not in specific location, and I should remove it from template?