Method not found: 'Sdl.MultiTerm.Client.Connectors.ServerPrivilege Sdl.MultiTerm.Client.Connectors.ServerProxy.LogIn(System.String, System.String, System.String, Boolean, Boolean, Sdl.Enterprise2.MultiTerm.Client.IdentityModel.PersistOption)'.

Dear colleagues, I get this message when trying to save a new Term in Studio 2019. I updated Multiterm to the version 2019, but I had to unistall it because it shuts down automatically before I could open a termbase. I have work to do and can´t work without Multiterm, so I install again Multiterm 2017 and I get this message when I try to enter a new Term directly from Studio. The answers and solution in other similar questions here and in the Knowledge Base doesn´t help. Does anybody know how can I solve this problem?