SDL Studio 2021 Freelance - Quick TMX import into project settings

Hello, I just installed the new (German) 2021 version and came across a possible loss. I would like to open a new TM within a specific project.

In the frame "Start" - "project settings" (Projekteinstellungen) - "All language pairs" (Alle Sprachpaare) - "Translation Memorys and machine Translation" I would like to open a new TM.

So I go to "Use" (Verwenden...) - "Databased Translation Memory" (Datenbasiertes Translation Memory).

Here I can select only ".sdltm" files!

In the 2019 version here I could also select TMX files which were easly transformed in a ready to use TM. Isn´t that possible anymore, or did this beautiful quick import function just moved to another place?

Thanks for your answers!



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  • In the release notes you'll see that some features have been removed to slim down the size of the application.  They were removed because the telemetry showed us they are really not used…

  • hopefully you also noticed how much better the installation process was for Studio 2021 without it
    a small price to pay

    Agree. Not only the installation process but the workflow process…

  • You're right... it's the same name.  But it's a little trick we put in the product to confuse users!  This "Upgrade Translation Memories" does a completely different task!…