Importing .xliff files into an existing—and populated—TM


Is this possible, and how do I go about it?

Thanks again.


  • Hi Pascal,

    The easiest approach is to create a Project in Studio with all these XLIFF files and then run a batch task to update the TM you attach to the Project.  Once the Project is created and you have SDLXLIFF files instead you could also import these directly into a TM too.

    Pay attention to whether the segments have a confirmed status or not because if they are not confirmed you need to make sure and check the appropriate box on import/update to bring in all the content you want.

  • Hello Paul, is what you suggest also poissible with files that were created with different language subsets?? Take I have two projects EN-UK to German and another three with EN-USA to German. How do I get both into a single TM?? 

    Thanks, Alexander

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