Studio 2021 - no longer processing ttx file

EDIT: I had to download a 80 MB package to resolve this

In 2019 I would add a ttx file in target language view and it would get pretranslated. Now, nothing happens and when I click on a ttx file already added in Studio, my PC launches Workbench.

The Legacy Converter does not help with this.

Also, I tried adding it in a new cloud project and I get: This project must include at least one translatable file.

Then I tried adding ttx filters from 2019 Plugins folder. This gave me another error with Studio not starting up "Service 'Sdl.TranslationStudio.AlignmentEditor.IAlignmentEditorService' could not be started"

  • I think there are two things here, sort of related.  First of all in 2021 and also in Trados Live (Language Cloud) we have removed support for some of the old "dead" filetype formats. Clearly not really dead, but based on our telemetry not used very often any more.  You can restore them in 2021 and this should resolve the problem you have in Trados Studio by installing the "SDL Trados Compatibility and Migration Power Pack" from the appstore:

    Make sure you add any additional filetypes to your projects and settings first as you may find you have this after installing the app:

    But in a cloud project we use the filetypes available in the cloud.  Here we have not made it possible to support the legacy filetypes at all.  So you'll have to wait until we add support for SDLXLIFF so you can create the SDLXLIFF files in Studio locally, and then create a new project with the SDLXLIFF files in your target language folder.

    Frankly a ridiculous workaround until we can actually publish a local project to the cloud, but it is what it is and I'm pretty sure we will not be adding support for these legacy filetypes in the cloud.

  • Surely, having the system (even on the cloud) recognize the .ttx filetype should not require a huge compatibility package; I mean, it is the legacy proprietary format after all and filetype files are not that... large as far as I know. Strange as it may sound, I still have some people sending me ttx files.

  • Surely, having the system (even on the cloud) recognize the .ttx filetype should not require a huge compatibility package

    Actually I think it would, not a compatibility package, but rather a fairly sizeable piece of work to support it.  Trados Live is a new product and how many other tools have you seen that can handle TTX properly?  By that I mean not just translate the files but actually recreate the target file?  The answer is none because only Trados 2007 and Trados Studio can do this.  Trados Studio does it because we kept the legacy code in there, until it was moved out into the compatibility pack.

    I still have some people sending me ttx files.

    I absolutely believe this.  The number, in general, is very small and I think it was the right decision to move it out.  I think that once we support the ability to load a local project into Trados Live then we'll have a solution that is workable.