Studio 2021 closes without warning and lost a project

Studio 2021 keeps closing down without warning. I don't even have to touch anything. It happened yesterday and when I reopened it, all my projects were there except the one I was working on. After an hour of trying to find the project, I figured that if I tried to import it again I would get a message saying I had already imported the package, did I want to import it again, I could say no and at least that would confirm the project had to somewhere. No such message! Just a newly created project, start from scratch, a day lost. So I did some more work on it. Then thought if I added the TM that had been saved from attempt one I could save myself some work. Tried to add it, the project closed itself and all my work had gone. Again! I have started again in Studio 2014.

Am I doing something fundamentally wrong?

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