Trados 2019 decided to do a new setup for no reason.

A couple of weeks ago I clicked on the trados icon and was surprised to see "Let’s setup SDL Trados studio". So I set it up again, and all the projects disappeared from the list. Trados didn't want a password or anything, and it recognised me easily enough (I could see my name in the top right corner). But all my settings had disappeared and I had to disable the Regex Match Autosuggest Provider plugin because I got this message "No registration for type RegexMatchAutosuggest Provider and an implicit registration could not be made. Unexpected exception when initialising view part Regex Match Autosuggest Provider".
It was a bit of a pain, but still workable. But today again when I switched on my computer I got  "Let’s setup SDL Trados studio". Why is this happening? Why does Trados keep on wanting me to do a setup?

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