How to apply formatting in source segment to different formatting in target segment?

Hi there. I'm using Studio 2021.

Based on the picture above, I would like to take ID 215 in source segment and put it into ID 214 as a blue color - but it turned black instead.
I do understand that this happened because the difference between the formatting between those two. So I would usually add a 'cf tags'.

However, if there is a repeating sentences, it wont save along with the 'cf' tags. Like this.

The reason I want to do it like is because, whenever the same Japanese sentences came up in future, I want it to translate in the target segment with both Japanese and English at the same time (in the same ID).

Any solution on this? Thank you!

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  • Hi 

    Thank you for your clear explanation.

    If I were to summaries your scenario it would be:
    Regardless of how a user chooses to format their target translation, why is the font being applied not always protected when it comes to auto-propagation. 

    I say the word always very sensitively, on the bases that if you see my mock example at segment 4 when I applied "trickery" to insert the CF tags segment 4 displays correctly.
    However segment 5, which would be populated using auto-propagate the tags are not applied. 

    Yet... if one where to apply bold text which is supported via the QuickInsert, segment 5 keeps the bold tags which were originated from segment 4

    Ideally we should enhance how auto-propagate works, based on the fact that if additional font is placed on target side using the supported QuickInsert it replicates correctly across all instances throughout the document. By extension it should behave exactly the same regardless of how one apply tags. Which in your case I suspect was across segments using copy/paste?