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Need help adjusting the settings for alphanumeric “matches” (or rather incessant mismatches)

Hi there, Trados community!

I have a problem that's very annoying with improper alphanumeric match recognition in Trados Studio 2021

Since it's for translating Qs&As, I have countless cases of A1., A2., A3., etc., which I must translate to R1., R2., R3., etc. I already confirmed dozens of such R+number, and yet, all I get as matches is as follows:

Worse than that, even though the R1., R2., R3... all the way to R14. are already confirmed and in the memory, EVERY TIME I confirm a Q1., Q2. or else, ALL my confirmed R's become A's.

How can I at least prevent Trados from replacing already confirmed segments? Or, even better, how could I make it replace all instances of A1., A2., A3... A99. to R1., R2., R3... R99?

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