Filter out verification massages (F8) from old translated content?


It is very tedious to go through false positives for a large document to check only the changes or new content I have translated.

There is a filter for new translated content, but it seems it doesn't filter out old messages about old content when I run Verifiy (F8).
Is there a way to filter the verification messages for only new translated content or colour them differently?

(Similar to the filtering in Passolo where it is possible to check and spellcheck only newly translated content?

If not, that would be a feature worth adding considering how many times the word "productivity" features on the SDL web site.

While I'm here and if a developer reads this (probably not), mouse wheel scrolling doens't work for translation matches, it works for concordances, but needed to click in the window.

Also congratulations to the development team to finally put the Open project dialog on top of the main window instead of hiding it in the background. It took five versions, but hey, great!