Error message Studio 2019: "\\(RS485)" wird analysiert - Nicht genügend )-Zeichen

Dear Forum,

In a file containing several occurrences of the text "RS485" the above message is shown each time I want to confirm the translation of such a segment. The error message can only be confirmed by clicking on "OK", but the segment won´t be saved as translated. On another (older) machine there is no problem to save these segments, and the error message isn´t shown. What should I do to save the segments in question on the new machine as well?

Version: SDL Trados Studio 2019 SR2 -

Thank you very much in advance!

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  • Hi

    Because you say "the segment won´t be saved as translated" I will assume that that the target segments are not changing from draft to translated. 
    My question is - are the translations being saved into the TM?

    I also assume this is the only project/file that is causing such strange behaviour?
    If yes, can you do the following:

    1. Locate the original source file
    2. Create new project
    3. Pre-Translate using your TM

    From my limited perspective, if this is isolated to one project/file the files themselves maybe compromised.
    Seeing if recreating the project would be interesting.

    Looking forward to your confirmation


  • Dear Lydia,

    Thank you very much for your reply. That´s correct, the edited target segments in question are not changing from draft to translated. But: I had opened the project package on an older laptop first, where the problem didn´t occur - everything worked perfectly fine there which is why I suppose the problem isn´t related to the file or project. Furthermore, this is the first project on the new machine which is why I cannot tell if it is the only project/file causing this behaviour. And, what´s more, when opening the edited file on the older laptop again, the segments can be confirmed.

    As to the translation memory, this differs:

    1. Modbus RTU (RS485) - triggers the error message, segment doesn´t change to status translated, BUT shows up in the translation memory. 

    2. (120 Ω, ¼ W) - triggers the error message, segment doesn´t change to status translated, and doesn´t show up in the translation memory.

    So, maybe the problem is connected to brackets in connection with numbers - might there be a settings problem? However, again, I didn´t make any changes to the Studio installation on the older laptop either, so there shouldn´t be any difference between them. 

    Kind regards