Why does the PC "grind" when I click back and forth between the translations results window and editor?

This is some high-level "complaining" but it's slowing me down so I'm trying to understand. I am using the latest version of Studio 2021 (SR1

I use hotkeys to often move from the editor window to the translation results window (or concordance, they are tabbed in the same window on top; it's a conventional setup) to copy text or run searches. Whenever the mouse pointer is moved to the TR window and clicked, even without hotkeys, I get the "grinding wheel" that the program is doing something - always. The same when I click back into the editor window (active row). The grinding only takes place for a couple seconds each time, but a couple seconds is a lot when you do it so often.

I for the life of me can't figure out what the program needs to be looking up here, i.e. the reason for the grind.


Is this happening to everyone?

Is there a feature that causes this that can be turned off?

Thanks for any information that can help me!

  • Hi Michael,

    There are various reasons why this could be happening and various things you can do to improve speed and performance of Studio.

    The following should help here:

    Untick 'Enable LookAhead' via File > Options > Editor > Automation

    This feature basically scans the TM for the next couple of segments for potential translations and on a fast PC this is to speed up the lookup process. However, on an older or lower spec PC it can slow things down.

    Also, a Windows Repair of any large software can smooth performance, especially after an update of that software or of Windows.

    Here is how:

    1. Close all SDL applications.
    2. Open the Control Panel:
      • Windows Vista/7: Start > Control Panel > Programs > Programs and Features.
      • Windows 8: Right-click on the screen at bottom-left corner and choose Control Panel > Uninstall a Program.
      • Windows 10: Right-click on Start > Control Panel > Select View by: Small Icons > Programs and Features
      • - or type 'Control Panel' in the search line on your bottom Windows toolbar.
    3. Click/highlight the relevant SDL product from the list (e.g. SDL Trados Studio 2021 etc) and click 'Uninstall/Change' either on the top toolbar or on the right-click dropdown menu (or just 'Repair' for MultiTerm), then select > Yes > Repair. Allow it to run. This will take longer for Studio than for the 3 main components of MultiTerm. Do NOT repair 'Remove suite of products' entries. These are only for uninstalling.
    4. Restart Studio/MultiTerm.

    Let us know if the above suggestions help or not.

    All the best,

    Ali Slight smile

  • Thanks for your advice; unfortunately, it didn't help. Slight frown

    "Enable LookAhead" has been disabled for me pretty much ever since it was introduced.

    I carried out a repair of Studio as instructed and the behavior continues.

    Could you please tell me if you experience the same behavior? Simply click into a TU shown in the results window and then back to the active row in the editor a few times and let me know if it grinds each time. Thanks! Grinning

  • Am away from my PC but have you also tried turning off Match Repair?

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