Unable to open SDL Automated Translation

I have been able unable to open SDL Automated Translation in SDL Trados 2014. It used to work fine, but now it gives me a message box saying "Please check that you are using the correct server name and port number". Can someone help me?

  • Hello,

    Thank you for your question.

    Since August 2014, SDL Language Cloud has been launched and it's the main and primary Machine Translation /Automated Translation plug-in recommended to be used in SDL Trados 2014. Previous versions might not be compatible with Studio 2014 latest updates.

    Language Cloud offers an initial 30 Day Trial Subscription and then you can still use the Free subscription with 600.000 characters per month. You get a Free package if you have a Studio Licence - Freelance or higher.

    You can activate Language Cloud plug-in from the Add TM menu in SDL Trados 2014 in the menu "Translation Memory and Automated Translation"

    A full presentation is available here:

    To use Language Cloud you have to be signed in, and you can use the same SDL Account credentials.

    You can activate your Language Cloud account using the SDL Account on the link below:

    Or login to Language Cloud to administer your account here:

    For Language Cloud you can log a support ticket with any question or issue with using it by clicking the Help & Support button on the SDL Language Cloud page:

    I hope this was helpful,

    Radu Boloveschi

    SDL Support

  • Thank you a lot for your explanation, Radu.

    Does that mean that the SDL Automated Translation, seen in the above printscreen 3 options below SDL Language Cloud, and that I have used extensively for years, will be discontinued? I was actually looking for the Sdl ATS community account, which has a relative value when it comes to translation, but it does give a baseline for big projects.

    Kindly inform how I can, if possible, go on using the SDL Automated Translation option as I have been able in the past.

    Best regards,

  • Hi Antonio,

    Yes, this is exactly what it means.  The MT platform we are taking forward and investing into so it continues to improve is the SDL Language Cloud.  This also has a Community account so you lose nothing other than we have restrictions on the amount you can use this for free compared to SDL ATS.  The latter might have been restricted as well but I don't know what this was.

    Unrestricted use comes at a price and you have the ability to take this too, but if you are using this as a Translator the amount of free words available is probably enough for your needs.

    Take a look at this article for more information on how you can make the best use of SDL Language Cloud.