ALT+ DEL (clear target segment) grayed out in Trados Studio 2015 SR2

Since updating to 2015 SR2 I can no longer clear target segments. ALT+DEL does not work and the option in the ribbon and under the right mouse button are grayed out. The segment status of the segments I wish to clear is "untranslated". Has anyone else experienced this and/or does anyone have a solution to this problem?

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  • Hi 

    You say you're using Studio 2019. I'm 99% sure it is no longer Java-based.

    What source file format is this happening with? (Word/XML/InDesign/etc.)

    Do you perform a Windows Repair on both Studio and MultiTerm now and then? This often helps iron out issues, especially after Windows Updates.

    Also, do you always allow both programs to install the latest updates?

    Did you let take a look at this with you via Skype? I'm sure he would be able to troubleshoot this for you...

    All the best,