I have tried to sort this issue out, but it does not work for a final solution. I have been having an issue - GENERAL MASSIVE CATASTROPHIC SYSTEM ERROR FAILURE - with my SDL 2015, when adding my client's multiterm, and sometimes TM is added or system does not accept it. It started with a particular project from a client and I uninstalled and reinstalled SDL versions 2011/2014/2015 from my laptop trying to sort it and I did not succeed. Client updated their multiterm and TM, but again the problem persists and I can't seem to find a solution. I have been working with large projects and am having many other problems generated by the non functioning multiterm thing. The last attempt (install CU4 and the SDL Update) recommended by Walter Blaser who was very supportive, but it did not work either.
Any help, suggestions are appreciated. 

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  • Hi Paul,

    Hummm, I am really sorry for the inconvenience.

    First, and before contacting support, I was reading through SDL Community (
    and found your reply to one SDL user, which I think was the same issue, I guess. I assumed this would be my case, since I did not have a support paid contract. I am sorry if that might have caused any misunderstandings.

    In reply to Paul Filkin:
    Hi Paul, unfortunately my support case was not accepted. They said this was neither a licensing nor an installation issue and since I do not have a support contract they would not help me. In the meantime I have reactivated an old XP computer and installed Studio 2014 there. I am thinking about erasing my Windows 10 computer completely and trying it again (would it then be an installation issue???). But I am reluctant to do this since backing up and restoring everything is awfully time-consuming. Looking into concluding a support contract I found that this is only possible for the current version (obviously Studio 2015). If I buy Studio 2015, will I still have this problem??? This is really annoying and I really do not know what to do. I would have hoped that SDL would be just a little bit more generous with very very old customers. Thank you anyway for trying to help. XXX

    Support called me as they informed and it was dealt and they actually point out an issue which I have to sort on my side here, but I will publish it to the Community in order to help future cases.

    Shall I write to Support and explain myself?