Locked segments and misleading information

Hi, I have same doubts about how info are shown if the project contains locked segments.

Take a look at the screenshots here attached:


The highlighted info is wrong... In theory, it should be right because the 'not translated' words are more or less the 60% of the file. But what I would like to see actually is the exact number of words that I have to translate, that is to say only 1 segment in this case.

The next screenshot has the same problem and also in this case you've a misleading information.

Also using the 'Confirmation statistics layout' (or the others) you read an misleading information

So, what I would really like is a new icon, close to ‘not translated’ icon, that counts locked words/segments and that in the layouts reads the appropriate number of words to be translated, without considering the locked segments.


What do you think? Does it make sense?

kind regards,


  • Hi Luca,

    I'd agree with you, I think we need an option to be able to exclude locked segments from these views if we want.  You can do this with the "proper" reports and the WIP (Work In Progress) report batch task allows this for example:

    So using your example I'd be showing this which is what you wanted... albeit not as a percentage which is quite nice:



  • Hi,

    If you get this type of file often, a workaround could be to use the plugin Integrated Segment Actions. After you have prepared the file in Studio, right-click it and choose Segment Actions. The beauty of the plugin is that it can write to locked segments without changing the lock. Basically you choose which segments to alter to the left and what to do with them on the right. In your case I would select these checkboxes.

    This would give the following result in the statistics. Note that you can change the locked segments to Signed-off or Translation Rejected too, if you want to keep track of what you actually have translated too, and not only what is left to translate.

    When you are done, you can change the locked segments back to Unconfirmed if necessary.

    And a bonus tip. You can show the number of words instead of percentage in the Editor. Just double-click the number and a little dialogue with options opens up.



  • Hi Daniel
    I agree with you. I've used this plugin for a huge project with more than 10.000 xml files and it's really useful but with a serious (of course, my point of view) problem...... not in the App but in Studio.
    If you lock segments that are not empty, but with something in the target, it will be updated in TM each time you'll run the batch task 'Update main translation memory'.
    I don't like it and, always my point of view, it's not so right because if a content is locked, it must be excluded of any kind of function or task.
    So, for this reason, I'd like a function out of the box and also, working with a big set of files, don't repeat actions several time.

    I'm a bit time consuming oriented ;-))
  • I definitely agree with you that locked segments should be removed from everything (they are locked for a reason after all). I am obsessed by time as well, so we are the same in that respect :)

    The workaround in this case would be to set them to Translation Rejected instead of Translated, and not include that category when you update the TM ;) If it's always the same action you need to do for a certain client, you can control Integrated Segment Actions with Autohotkey and do whatever is needed with just a single key combination on the keyboard when you set up the job.