Video subtitling with video preview in Studio?


is there a way to preview a video with translated subtitles displayed in some way or other?


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  • Use Subtitle Edit instead.
    Using CAT tools for subtitling makes not much sense as the texts are hardly ever repetitive... Plus, localized subtitles carry over the original MEANING, but are not necessary a TRANSLATION of the original message.
    At least in MOVIES subtitles...

    Not mentioning the subtitles structure - sentences are usually broken down to separate parts and the translation does not always match the parts 1:1 (different word orders, etc.).
    Plus the timing - subtitles need to be timed properly, and the translated subtitles usually need to be re-aligned (so that sentences/phrases are not cut in a middle and the partial text displayed on the screen does make some sense)

  • Hi
    I agree with regard to movies, but many videos are not movies and for sales and support videos CAT tools do make a lot of sense.
  • Well, my experience is different... for the additional reasons (sentences broken to parts, timing, ...) I found using CAT tools for subtitling being just a complication. Although we did e.g. a LOT of subtitling for Microsoft, I NEVER saw any sentence being re-used...
    But... your mileage may vary... ;-)
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