Video subtitling with video preview in Studio?


is there a way to preview a video with translated subtitles displayed in some way or other?


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  • I agree with regard to movies, but many videos are not movies and for sales and support videos CAT tools do make a lot of sense.

    I completely agree with you   The amount of rich media being used these days has changed the face of video translation quite a bit and it makes a lot of sense to be able to handle video translation with all the benefits of a CAT tool.  We have got one in Beta at the moment and can support SRT, webVTT, SBV and STL so far, all with some support for subtitle formatting in the video and also positioning based on information in the file, also different aspect ratio support.  Looks like this for example:

    Also added some QA checks... could add more but we want some feedback to make sure the stuff we put in here will be relevant:

    And we have a TQA model using the FAR methodology:

    We will in the future add support for more filetypes, but this needs to be based on demand and good reason since this is not just about segmenting text.  We also read and use a lot more information from the file to make the experience more useful.

    We might be open to some external Beta testing if you are really going to test it and provide some feedback.  All to often we get people asking and they provide nothing back to us at all which makes our effort a waste of time.  Might as well wait until we release and then let people complain!

    To answer the points  made, which are valid.  We could have added some capability to adjust the frame information, update information in the target files accordingly etc, but we decided after discussion that it was better (for now) to leave these changes to be made by an appropriately trained person and keep the translation as a separate activity.  Even like this with the information we provide there is considerable benefit reducing the editing effort after translation.