Video subtitling with video preview in Studio?


is there a way to preview a video with translated subtitles displayed in some way or other?


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  • Hi

    that looks very promising! Is it going to be an add-on or will it come with the next version or CU?

    As for segmenting, as pointed out, SRT segments are usually somewhat random, which is an obvious problem. I wonder whether instead of segmenting by screen (bunching text that appears on the screen at once (in this case "this is something completely new and unique") into one segment), use the usual segmentation rules ignoring paragraph marks using only the full stop rule (or at least giving that option) and treat the time markers as inline tags.

    Here's an example:


    You could segment:

    Segment 1: <Tag: 1><Tag: 00:00:00,498 --> 00:00:02,827>- Here's what I love most about food and diet.

    Segment 2: <Tag: 2><Tag: 00:00:02,827 --> 00:00:06,383>We all eat several times a day,<Paragraph mark tag> and we're totally in charge <Tag: 3><Tag: 00:00:06,383 --> 00:00:09,427>of what goes on our plate<Paragraph mark tag> and what stays off.

    It's easier and less prone to error (file corruption) to split segments than to merge them if I understand past discussions on this forum correctly, so I'd rather segment less initially.