Problem with time codes

Hi! I'm new to Trados and I have a problem I couldn't find a solution for. I am actually not even sure how to look for it. Here it goes: I'm doing translations for dubbing and I have lots of time codes in my documents. The problem is that Trados automatically remove the first 0 from all tcs. So, let's say that I have time code 01:20:35 in source - it will appear as 1:20:35 in target and it will act as 100% match so it will skip it in translation which means that I have to go through each of this codes and change them manually which takes me bunch of time. I understand the reasoning behind it as it starts with 0, so I suppose that the program recognise it as number and that 0 seems unnecessary, but I need it. Anyone know how to set so it wouldn't do that? Thanks a lot :)