TM lookup and synchronizing video preview and editor


I notice that Studio can't keep up with TM lookups when using stl and vtt files. The video preview just stalls.

Unchecking "TM lookup when active segment changes" solves this problem (Lookahead does not), so I have to CTRL-SHIFT-T for each TM lookup. I don't know whether my system is too slow to cope or whether this is generally so. The video file I use is a tiny 3gp file (10 MB).

If I find myself using vtt and stl a lot I'll write an AHK script to toggle this setting, so that I can translate with automatic TM lookup and then play the video preview without stalling out.

How are other people faring with this?


  • Hi 

    Thanks for continuing to test this.  I have tried to reproduce this but I can't.  I recorded what I did here so you can see if I'm doing something wrong compared to the process you are using?

  • Hi

    Thank you for looking into this. I should have been more precise when describing the issue.

    1) I start out with a largely untranslated file (most target segments empty)

    2) Next step is to play the video using the play button in the preview window.

    This makes Studio try to retrieve TM hits at the speed at which the video is running. This is when Studio (not the preview) lags behind and I guess when Previewer and the Editor are not aligned anymore, something stops. The preview stops, at least.

    Can you reproduce this?

    I wonder whether it would make sense to suspend the automatic TM lookup while the preview plays (play button used)?


  • Can you reproduce this?


    Yes, I can reproduce this.  Butu we can't suspend this with a plugin as we don't have access to the right triggers.  Perhaps something that could be done when/if the plugin becomes part of the core product.