Creating subtitles from text files?

Can the Studio Subtitling Plugin allow me to create subtitle files from text documents without time codes? Is it possible to add the audio file as a reference and then manually amend the starting times of the subtitles?

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  • Hi

    Your simple text file with no additional information can't be automatically converted into a subtitle file with all the additional information that is needed for those files to work properly. Studio can't do it and I am not aware of any other program that could.

    If a person is supposed to read it while the audio plays, a simple text file with the target text should do, or not?

    Studio is about translating. InDesign in, InDesign out, Plain Text in, Plain Text out etc. Only pdf is returned as a Word file. Everything else is input format = output format. If your customer wants a subtitle file returned, they have to give you a source language subtitle file.