Error - Could not load type 'SDL.Core.Settings.AbstractSettingsGroupBase' from assembly 'Sdl.Core.Settings, Version=, Culture=neutral,PublicKeyToken=c28cdb26c445c888'.

Hi all,

I 'm translating subtitles for the first time, I downloaded plug-ins as suggested, opened my file and this happens. I found this question but the answer was  - you need windows 10. I have windows 10, updated, but this is here. Don't know what to do.

Thank you!

  • Hello ,

    Could you let me know which versions of the plugin and filetype you have installed please

    You can see these details via the SDL Plugin manager-

    It might be worthwhile removing the plugin- running the Windows update again (restart the machine) and then reinstalling the Studio Subtitling and file type.

    If the problem persists, can you please post the full error stack

    If you save the XML to the desktop- you can add this to the thread.