Settings bar in the subtitle preview not available

Hi everybody,

we want to package and install SDL Trados Studio 2019 ( with the subtitling plug-in. To prepare the packaging we tried to install Studio and the plug-in on a new Windows 10 computer. Unfortunately after installing and activating the subtitle preview pane the settings bar at the bottom is missing there. We selected "for all machines in the domain" during installation. The subtitle filetypes are available and we were able to open a .srt file and see the subtitle text in the editor window. Are there any other prerequisites for the preview beyond the plug-in?

Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks a lot and best regards,


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  • When you create the project (not single file option), you need both the srt file and the media file - eg

    This is not actually true.  You can do this if you like, but it's not required.  Yo can add the video later if you prefer.  In fact depending on how you create the project it's preferable to add it later because of the processing time that can be added if you do it during the project creation (even though it's a reference file).

    Just to clarify we do see the preview pane and the data pane what is missing are the little buttons at the bottom of the pane with the "settings" and the "unlink" commands.

    Worth checking you have the correct version of the plugins, and also what the resolution is on your screen?  Perhaps the problem is related to that?

    Screenshots will be helpful though as you noted.